Joie Love


For Your Joy

& Deep Relaxation

Come let go of your daily pressures and release and receive into my sweet caring touch. Listen to my siren song soothing you as my hands warm your body with healing energy. Be swept away into the sensations of sacred sounds and intentional tantric touch.



Healing for your joy & Deep Relaxation

Come let go of your daily pressures and release into my sweet caring touch. Receive my siren song soothing you as my hands warm your body with healing energy. Be swept away into the sensations of sacred sounds and intentional tantric touch.

Your Pleasure

Is Your Power

Take time for yourself. Pleasure is an important part of self care. When we are stressed we can’t perform at our best out in this crazy world. 


I’ve got you. You can relax into my care and feel yourself fully.

You’ve gotta feel it to heal it!

Session Options

I'm here for you. We can tailor a session to suit your needs. Here are some ideas of a few different luxurious packages:


Sensual Sound & Touch ~ $400/hr

Surrender and be enveloped by my voice and instruments in a Sound healing & hands-on bliss energy session! Enjoy the warmth of my healing hands on your body with gentle touch and light massage, ending in an ecstatic climax. Let go and receive. One-way touch only.


Tantric Embodiment and/or Cuddle ~ $450/hr

We can breathe together, gaze deeply into each other's eyes, & make healing sounds together while I guide your hands onto me for a platonic 2-way tantric touch experience (light caresses, nothing on genitals). Or we can enjoy a nurturing cuddle as we get to know each other better... or all of the above! Then we end with my sensual worshipful massage.


Couple's Sensual Sound Experience ~ $400/hr

Bring your honey and the both of you can slip into a beautiful connected experience of sound and blissful touch! Great for reigniting the spark and being witnessed in your juicy love for each other.

Double Trouble!

4-Hands, Double the Delight!

If you'd like the ultimate pampering, we can create your dream experience with another practitioner goddess! Let's discuss your desires and I will create an exquisite experience with one of my practitioner friends with a variety of different personalities and specialities... Sessions are priced adding each practitioner's rates together.

Some Theme Ideas:
  • Double Cuddle and Caress
  • Naughty & Nice Massage
  • Serenity Sirens


Let's Heat It Up! $50 Sauna Add-On

Enjoy a 20-minute therapeutic sweat in my infrared sauna. Then have a nice shower. Come out feeling refreshed and ready to receive your ecstatic energy touch session!

Howdy! I’m a deeply nurturing sensitive siren finely attuned to your needs and desires. I’m here to celebrate you in your wholeness and help you surrender into your authentic delight and feelings! With 15 years of experience and training in the healing arts including vibrational healing massage, kundalini yoga, sound healing, breathwork, meditation, and hypnosis, we can tailor a session that goes beyond all your expectations!

About Joie


What People Are saying

Joie is easy like Sunday morning...easy to feel comfortable with, easy to talk with and definitely easy to let go with... She is intelligent, interesting, eclectic, musical, a gentle person... We clicked on several levels... music, poetry, spirituality... Bonus, she's quirky and fun enough to "keep austin weird." She's a treat her well and you will have a most enjoyable session!
Joie was my first pro experience, and it was better than I hoped for. She was very nurturing, sensitive, and attuned. She was very good at communicating and sensing my needs and adjusting to give me the best experience. She was also very fun and helpful to talk to.
Joie Love, Was was a unique experience a beautiful lady, intelligent, with a truly intuitive spirit. Full of tender gifts wisdom and compassion. Don’t miss this opportunity.
Joie masterfully incorporates music into her sessions, taking the experience to an entirely new dimension. She creates a one-of-kind auditory and tactile experience that is validating, affirming, and thought provoking. I can’t wait to have another session with her!
If it's your first time, we will schedule a call to get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit to work together. We will go over agreements for our time together, I will answer any questions you may have, then we will set up a time for our session.
Click below to acknowledge you have read the agreements and email me.

In the message let me know what services spark your interest and what you're looking to get out of our time together. Click below or just email me at

Our Agreements

Please make sure you read this section and understand fully:

For us to both feel good and relaxed, ready to enjoy ourselves fully, we need to make sure we are both on the same page on the boundaries of our time together. This makes for a safe, exciting container to explore ourselves with utmost pleasure and enjoyment!

Privacy is Paramount

What happens in our session stays in our session, for both our sakes.

Honor Our Time

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your session. Cancellations must happen within 24 hours in order to get your deposit back.

I Choose My Attire

I will be dressed in comfortable and attractive attire during our session.

Clean & Synthetic Fragrance Free

We will both come freeshly showered with no synthetic fragrances (cologone, perfume, or strong smelling deodorants, detergents or hair products). Essential oil-based fragrances are fine. I have a sensitivity to strong synthetic fragrances to the point of feeling ill. This helps me be fully present and ready to enjoy our session. Thanks for understanding!

Keep Boundaries Intact

Please do not attempt to negotiate the container or boundaries of our work together while in session. Whatever we agree on prior to our time together is what we will do.

Session Completion

When the session is done, we complete our connection until another session is scheduled. No dating. Email to schedule next session, not text.

Session Description Honored

All touch is one-way unless explicitly stated in the session description and guided by me. I do not have intercourse with clients. There are no "upgrades" available.

Thanks so much for reading.
I look forward getting to know you better and enjoying a beautiful session together!

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